Course Details

Entrepreneurship Development and CMSME Financing

  • Title : Entrepreneurship Development and CMSME Financing
  • Course TYPE : Training Course
  • Course No : TC33/2022
  • Duration : 05 Working Days
  • Frequency : 02
  • Time : Sunday 4th of September 2022 - Thursday 8th of September 2022
  • Nature: On campus (Residential)
  • Target Group : Senior Principal Officer or Equivalent Officer and above
  • Methods : 05
  • Resource Person: 05
  • Coordination Team :
    1 . Dr. Md. Mosharref Hossain
    2 . Dr. Shamsun Nahar Momotaz
  • Objectives:

    a. To Familiarize the Participants with the Techniques of Identification, Selection, and Development of Entrepreneurs.

    b. To Acquaint the Participants with the Operational Aspects of Bank Financing for Cottage, Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (CMSMEs).

  • Contents:

    a.  Entrepreneurship Development-Concepts, Identification and Selection of Potential CMSME Entrepreneur, Development of Entrepreneurship, Role of Banks and other Organizations in Entrepreneurship Development, Training and Motivation.

    b. Various Risk Analysis in CMSME Financing including Credit Scoring Model.

    c. Status of CMSME Financing in Bangladesh, Role of Banks, NBFIs, GoB, BSCIC, SMEF, Business Bodies, etc.

    d. Preparing a Business Plan-Estimation of the Total Financial Requirement, Sources of Financing including Equity and Entrepreneurship Fund (EEF), Venture Capital and other Informal Sectors.

    e. Developing a Marketing Plan- Pricing, Channel of Distribution, Selling Skills, Managerial and Legal Considerations, Risk Management and Business Account.

    f. Women Entrepreneurs- Credit Access, Industrial Policy, and Women Empowerment, Barriers to Credit Access, Success Factors and Refinance Schemes.

    g. CMSME Appraisal-Managerial Aspect, Organizational Aspect, Technical Aspect, Marketing Aspect, Financial Aspect (Capital Budgeting, Financial Projections, Assessment of Working Capital, Cash Flow Analysis, Break-Even Analysis, Ratio Analysis), Economic Aspect, Environmental Aspect, and Social Aspect.

    h. Operational Procedures of Bank Financing in CMSMEs- Documentation and Creation of Charges on Security, Repayment Schedule of Loans, Monitoring and Counseling.

    i. Recovery of CMSME Credit - Identification of Non-performing Loans, Recovery Procedures of Non-performing Loans including Non-legal and Legal Measures.

Criteria for Nomination for BIBM Training Workshop

a. BIBM member banks can access the online nomination form before forty (40) days of the commencement of programs. BIBM member banks can nominate a maximum number of three (03) participants for a Training Workshop. The maximum number of participants in each Training Workshop is 40. However, if the number of total nominees exceeds the maximum number, a final list of 40 participants will be prepared by the BIBM authority which will be available online five (05) days prior to the commencement of the Training Workshop. Information in regard to rejection of any nomination will be communicated to the concerned bank at least three (03) days before the commencement of the Training Workshop. No participant under the target group/level is allowed to participate in any Training Workshop.

b. As per the decision of the BIBM Governing Board, BIBM Member Banks (except Bangladesh Bank) are required to pay BDT 1500 per day per participant including holidays (if any) as training fees which also include Accommodation, Food, and other miscellaneous expenses. However, for Bangladesh Bank, the fee is BDT 500 per day per participant. All Fees are excluding VAT and Tax. 

c. The pay order/bank draft drawn in favor of ‘Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management’ has to be sent at least seven (07) days prior to the commencement of the Training Workshop.

d. The Training for each day will be as follows:

1st Session: 1005-1105

Refreshment: 1105-1130       

2nd Session: 1130-1230

Break: 1230-1235

3rd Session: 1235-1335

Lunch & Prayer Break: 1335-1430

4th Session: 1430-1530

Tea Break: 1530-1600

5th Session 1600-1700