Course Details

Crisis and Business Continuity Plan in Banks

  • Title : Crisis and Business Continuity Plan in Banks
  • Course TYPE : Training Workshop
  • Course No : TW08/2022
  • Duration : 02 Working Days
  • Frequency : 01
  • Time : Wednesday 9th of February 2022 - Thursday 10th of February 2022
  • Nature: Online
  • Target Group : Senior Principal Officer or Equivalent Officer and above
  • Methods : Lecture, Group Discussion, Case Study, Panel Discussion and Formulation of Recommendation
  • Resource Person: BIBM Faculty and Professionals from Financial and Other Institutions
  • Coordination Team :
    1 . Rahat Banu
    2 . Mahmudul Ameen Masud
  • Objectives:

    a. To Familiarize the Participants About the Importance of the Business Continuity Plan.

    b. To Formulate Business Continuity Plan as per Bangladesh Bank Guidelines.

    c. To Accustom the Participants about the Process and Procedures for Activating Business Continuity Plan During Times of Crisis.

  • Contents:

    a. Conceptual Framework of Crisis and Relevance of Business Continuity Plan in Banks

    b. Role of Business Continuity Plan for Effective Branch Operations in Banks.

    c. Regulatory Framework for Business Continuity Plan in Banks.

    d. Factors to be Considered for BCP Design. Developing Business Continuity Strategy, and Implementing BCP. Role of Board of Directors and Senior Management Team of Banks in this Regard.

    e. Testing BCP: Simulation Testing & Component Testing.

    f. Infrastructure Aspects, Technology Aspects and Human Aspects of BCP.

    g. Problems and Challenges Regarding Implementing Business Continuity Plan in Bangladesh and Formulation of Recommendation to Overcome the Challenges.

    h. Changes Invited in Relevant Bank Management to Address COVID 19 and Pandemics.

Terms and Conditions:

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2.  All member banks are required to pay Tk.1000 per day per participant including holidays (if any) as a course fee. All charges are excluding VAT and Tax.

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4. BIBM will send Meeting ID to the nominated participants (through email) to join the zoom meeting app-based interactive session. Moreover, the course Coordination Team and BIBM Training Wing will regularly communicate with the nominated participants for further updates.

5. The Training for each day will be as follows:

1st Session: 11.00 am – 12.00 pm      

2nd Session 12.05 pm – 13.05 pm

Lunch & Prayer Break: 13.05 pm – 14.05 pm

3rd Session 14.05 pm – 15.05 pm

4th Session 15.10 pm – 16.10 pm