Course Details

Islamic Banking Operations

  • Title : Islamic Banking Operations
  • Course TYPE : Outreach Training Courses
  • Course No : OTC06/2021
  • Duration : 05
  • Frequency : 01
  • Time : Sunday 24th of October 2021 - Thursday 28th of October 2021
  • Nature: Online
  • Target Group : Senior Officer or Equivalent Officer and above
  • Methods : Lecture, Group Discussion and Case Study
  • Resource Person: BIBM Faculty and Professionals from Financial and other Institutions
  • Coordination Team :
    1 . Md. Alamgir
    2 . Md. Mahabbat Hossain , PhD, CIPA, CSAA
  • Objectives:

    To provide an understanding about principles and practices of Islamic Banking.

    To acquaint the participants with the legal aspects, operational procedure, different modes of investment and functioning of the Islamic Banks.

    To discuss the techniques of identifying investment projects, appraisal and various operational procedures including auditing practices, Islamic insurance and operations of Islamic financial market.

  • Contents:
    1. Status, Growth, Prospects and Operational Challenges of Islamic Finance and Banking;
    2. Conceptual Aspects of Fiqh-al-Muamalat;
    3. Fundamental Principles, Modes and Elements of Shariah-Based Contracts;
    4. Regulatory Framework for Islamic Banking Operations: Domestic and International;
    5. Principles and Products of Islamic Deposits Fulfilling Shariah Requirements;
    6. Mechanism of Profit Calculation and Distribution among Depositors;
    7. Principles and Procedures of Bai mode in Banking –Murabaha;
    8. Principles and Procedures of Bai mode in Banking –Salam, Istisna and Ijara/HPSM;
    9. Fulfillment of Financing Requirements of Different Customers;
    10. Operational Mechanism of Sukuk;
    11. Involvement in International Trade and Foreign Exchange Operations;
    12. Shariah Governance, Internal Audit and Shariah Audit in Islamic Banks.

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