Course Details

International Trade Payment and Finance

  • Title : International Trade Payment and Finance
  • Course TYPE : Outreach Training Courses
  • Course No : OTC02/2021
  • Duration : 05 Days
  • Frequency : 01
  • Time : Sunday 8th of August 2021 - Thursday 12th of August 2021
  • Nature: Online
  • Target Group : Senior Officer or equivalent Officer and above
  • Methods : Lecture, Group Discussion and Case Study
  • Resource Person: BIBM Faculty and Professionals from Financial and other Institutions
  • Coordination Team :
    1 . Antara Zareen
    2 . Tofayel Ahmed
  • Objectives:

    a. To improve the capacity of the bankers involved in the trade services departments of banks.
    b. To familiarize the participants with the concepts and issues of international trade payment and finance.
    c. To acquaint them with the techniques, laws, principles, documents and procedures adopted in payment and financing of international trade in Bangladesh.

  • Contents:

    a. International Trade and National Economy-External Sector/BOP and Role of Banks in International Trade.
    b. Guiding Framework of International Trade Payment and Finance- Domestic and International Regulations.
    c. Different Methods of International Trade Payment.
    d. Exchange Rate Mechanism for International Trade Management.  
    e. Contracts/ Papers/Documents Relating to International Trade Payment and its Financing.
    f.  Import and Export Financing-Forms and Methods.
    g. Asian Clearing Union- Settlement of Foreign Exchange Transactions under ACU Mechanism.
    h. Foreign Remittance-Inward and Outward, Opening and Operation under different forms of F.C. Accounts.
    i. Submission of Foreign Exchange Returns to Bangladesh Bank-Methods of Submission, Different  Forms, Schedules and Statements.
    j. Off-Shore Banking and EPZ.
    k. International Trading Arrangements-WTO and Regional Trading Arrangements.

11.Member banks of BIBM can nominate a maximum number of 05 participants for a Training Course / Training workshop.

12. All member banks are required to pay Tk.1000 per day per participant including holiday (if any). Thus, for this course the total fees is Tk. 5000.