Course Details

Security Market Analysis and Portfolio Management

  • Title : Security Market Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • Course TYPE : Training Workshop
  • Course No : TW13/2021
  • Duration : 2
  • Frequency : 1
  • Time : Wednesday 17th of February 2021 - Thursday 18th of February 2021
  • Nature: On-line
  • Target Group : Senior Principal Officer or Equivalent Officer and above
  • Methods : Lecture, Group Discussion, Case Study, Panel Discussion and Formulation of Recommendation
  • Resource Person: BIBM Faculty and Professionals from Financial and other Institutions
  • Coordination Team :
    1 . Mohammed Sohail Mustafa CFA
    2 . Dr. Md. Mosharref Hossain
  • Objectives:

    a.  To familiarize the participants with the concepts and types of investment, securities and financial markets and to introduce analytical tools for security analysis and investment                      decisions.

    b.   To develop skills for the formation of the optimum portfolio as well as management of efficient portfolio focusing on security market regulation and compliance issues.

  • Contents:

    a.   Concepts and Methods of Investment, Types of Securities, Concepts of Risk and Return, Determinants of Required Rate of Return (Stock, Bond, Debenture, Mutual Funds).

    b.   Valuation Concepts- Stock Valuation-Dividend Discount Model, Earning Multiplier Model, Discounted Cash Flow Valuation Technique, Bond Valuation - Bond Yield and Prices,

          Yield to Maturity.

    c.   Fundamental & Technical Analysis-Top-Down Approach, Candle-Stick Analysis, etc.

    d.  Portfolio Formation and Management-Portfolio Return and Risk, Systematic and Unsystematic Risk, Diversification, Risk-Return Trade-off, Correlation, and Covariance,

         Asset Pricing Models- CAPM, APT, Efficient Frontier, and Selection of Optimal Portfolio.

    e.  Portfolio Performance Analysis and Portfolio Management Strategies.

    f.    Debt Security Analysis- Risk, Liquidity, Coupon, Duration, and Immunization.

    g.  Security Markets Regulation and Compliance.



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  • Training for each day will be as follows:

              1st Session: 11.00 am – 12.00 pm      

              2nd Session 12.05 pm – 13.05 pm

    Lunch & Prayer Break: 13.05 pm – 14.05 pm

              3rd Session 14.05 pm – 15.05 pm

              4th Session 15.10 pm – 16.10 pm