Course Details

Leadership, Team Building and Negotiation Skills for Branch Banking

  • Title : Leadership, Team Building and Negotiation Skills for Branch Banking
  • Course TYPE : Training Course
  • Course No : TC01/2021
  • Duration : 5
  • Frequency : 1
  • Time : Sunday 17th of January 2021 - Thursday 21st of January 2021
  • Nature: Online
  • Target Group : Head/In-Charge of Branch/Operation Manager/Prospective Branch
  • Methods : Lecture, Group Discussion and Case Study
  • Resource Person: BIBM Faculty and Professionals from Financial and other Institutions
  • Coordination Team :
    1 . Anila Ali
    2 . T.I.M. Rawshan Zadeed
  • Objectives:

    a.   To familiarize the participants with the concept, importance, and different aspects of leadership, team building, and negotiating skills for effective branch management.

    b.   To acquaint with leadership styles, group dynamics, team-building process, and negotiation methods for financial institutions.

  • Contents:

    a.   Leadership, Team Building and Negotiating Skills-Concepts, Needs and Importance for Branch Management.

    b.   Leadership-Leadership Styles and Different Approaches to Leadership, Decision Making.

    c.   Team Building and Group Dynamics, Formal and Informal Organization, Quality Circle.

    d.   Conflict Management, Interpersonal Communication and Counseling.

    e.   Negotiation-Different Skills and Process for Negotiation.

    f.    Corporate Governance, Culture and Ethics in Leadership.

    g. Case studies on Leadership, Team Building and Negotiation Skills.

  • BIBM member banks can access to the online nomination form before forty (40) days of the commencement of programs. BIBM member banks can nominate a maximum number of three (03) participants for a Training Course / Training Workshop. Maximum number of participants in each Training Course / Training Workshop is 40. However, if the number of total nominees exceeds the maximum number, a final list of 40 participants will be prepared by the BIBM authority which will be available online five (05) days prior to the commencement of the Training Course / Training Workshop. Information in regard to rejection of any nomination will be communicated to the concerned bank at least three (03) days before the commencement of Training Course / Training Workshop. No participant under the target group/level is allowed for participation in any Training Course / Training Workshop.
  • All member banks are required to pay Tk.1000 per day per participant including holidays (if any) as course fee. All charges are excluding VAT and Tax.
  • The pay order/bank draft drawn in favor of ‘Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management” has to be sent at least seven (07) days prior to the commencement of the Training Course / Training Workshop.
  • BIBM will send Meeting ID to the nominated participants (through email) to join the zoom meeting app-based interactive session. Moreover, the course Coordination Team and BIBM Training Wing will regularly communicate with the nominated participants for further updates
  • Training for each day will be as follows:

                     1st Session: 11.00 am – 12.00 pm      

                      2nd Session 12.05 pm – 13.05 pm

    Lunch & Prayer Break: 13.05 pm – 14.05 pm

                     3rd Session 14.05 pm – 15.05 pm

                     4th Session 15.10 pm – 16.10 pm